Ökobit is a leading German biogas engineering and manufacturing firm with over 200 national and international biogas projects constructed over a 17 year period. Ökobit is one of the most sought after full-service suppliers within the biogas industry. It develops and builds technically intelligent substrate-flexible biogas and bio-methane plants which perfectly correspond to the specific local conditions of its clients.

Ökobit is an owner-operated company with a solid capital base and an exceptionally wide range of services and expertise. Their team of experienced biogas engineers, business experts, as well as energy and environmental engineers, is fully committed to the implementation of environmentally compatible biogas systems operating at the highest level of economic efficiency.

Ökobit relies on established and exceptionally flexible technology concepts and ensures their effective and safe implementation. As a general contractor, in addition to expert advice and profitability calculations, they take on all tasks from planning and approval to turnkey plant construction.

Heating Systems

Heating Systems

Ökobit's stainless steel heating systems use 6m pipes bent on radius and welded on site. They are very stable and resistant to stones and other contaminants. They are attached to the inner wall of the digester (for the most efficient heat transfer to the substrate). There is no reduction of heat input by sedimentation or sink layers, no heat stresses due to a floating bearing, and no substrate adherence due to a maximum flow temperature of 65°C (automatically controlled).

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