Energy360 is working with our partners on a number of pre-feasibility reports for red meat processing plants as well as landfill gas capture systems and other turnkey resource recovery systems.

We have been working on a number of these projects and these are three of the most recent which we have sent out.


Gas Conditioning Skids

Gas Conditioning Skids

We designed and fabricated two gas conditioning skids as part of the expansion of existing gas power stations at a regional landfill site in southern Victoria from 4 generator modules to 8 generator modules. The generator modules convert landfill gas to electrical energy for export and sale to the local grid. The power station expansion involves augmentation of the gas supply capacity, including the installation of two additional gas conditioning skids. We carried out the design and fabrication of those two skids, to dry, filter and pressurise the field gas for delivery via the delivery header to the engine gas trains.

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