PRESS RELEASE: Global partnership creates renewable energy solution

PRESS RELEASE: Global partnership creates renewable energy solution

Australian company Energy 360 Pty Ltd has partnered with ÖKOBIT, German biogas and biomethane plant experts, to establish an Australian-first project management and engineering procurement business model that creates a renewable energy solution so agricultural and food processing plants can turn their waste into profit.

The project management and engineering procurement business model leverages from the international experience and market reputation of ÖKOBIT and ABM Combustion (Australia’s leading engineering, manufacturing and waste gas handling equipment company), to bring together industry leading biogas technology experts to offer renewable energy solutions to the agricultural and food processing industries.

The turnkey biogas system utilises renewable energy created from the treatment of a waste stream to decrease the client’s utility costs, thereby increasing profit margins.

There was a market need identified in the Australian agricultural and food processing industries to help create a new primary energy source and so a partnership with ÖKOBIT was formed and Energy360 was born.

ÖKOBIT’s Sales Manager Florian Pelzer said their company was delighted to collaborate with Energy360 to offer an integrated system solution for the Australian market as enhanced biogas production, as a result of systematic interventions in the biogas process, is developing at a great pace.

“With ÖKOBIT’s own process control system we actively support biogas plant operators in optimising the efficiency ratio and systematically lowering the energy consumption of a plant. Collaborating with Energy360 will ensure we can procure and construct turnkey biogas systems that maximise renewable energy and yield profit for each processing plant in Australia,” Florian said.

Samantha Lamond from Energy 360 Pty Ltd says installing its partner’s high quality German engineered biogas system ensures biogas (waste gas – broken down in a contained, oxygen-free environment) is maximised from the organic waste water stream so the biogas becomes a valuable source of renewable energy for industry, instead of relying on natural gas, coal, fire boilers or generators.

“Our system offers a turnkey solution for the industry. Our skills in engineering ensure we provide a holistic approach to design and installation specific to each agricultural processing plant, and we develop and build technically intelligent, substrate-flexible, biogas and bio-methane plants which perfectly correspond to the specific local conditions.”

“Processing plants are then left with a cleaner waste stream which can be used for agricultural irrigation and fertiliser. The biogas system supplied by our German partner ÖKOBIT reduces the biological load in the water which generates biogas and provides renewable energy, with energy savings of over 30% per annum.”

The use of biogas as an energy source is an established technology and an acknowledged green energy source in Europe. The number of biogas systems in the UK has increased seven-fold since 2010 with revenue and government legislative support (source: Government commitment to this technology in Australia is much lower and there are only a small number of fully operational biogas systems.

The construction of an ÖKOBIT and Energy360 biogas system will provide high quality technology to extract the energy stored within waste from the site. The energy will be utilised as a renewable resource to produce electricity. In the summary the biogas system will:
 provide the site with renewable energy for a period of 15 to 25 years
 reduce odours created by any other form of waste collection system
 provide a sustainable method to treat the waste and produce usable fertiliser.

Further background notes:
ÖKOBIT is a leading German biogas engineering and manufacturing firm with over 175 national and international biogas projects constructed over a 16-year period. ÖKOBIT is one of the most sought-after full-service suppliers within the biogas industry. They develop and build technically intelligent, substrate-flexible biogas and bio-methane plants which perfectly correspond to the specific local conditions of our clients. ÖKOBIT is an owner-operated company with a solid base and an exceptionally wide range of services and expertise. Their team of experienced biogas engineers, business experts, as well as energy and environmental engineers is fully committed to the implementation of environmentally compatible biogas systems operating at the highest level of economic efficiency. ÖKOBIT website:

Energy360 is working with its partners on a number of pre-feasibility reports for red meat processing plants and other food processing sites, as well as landfill gas capture systems. Energy360 assists the agricultural and food processing industries to access funding to invest in the new biogas system via the Federal Government Emissions Reduction Fund and via partnership with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

ABM Combustion’s biogas delivery systems, biogas flares and control systems are in place in over 70% of Australia’s large scale abattoir biogas and waste water treatment plants. ABM Combustion is an active member of Bioenergy Australia.

For more information please contact:
Samantha Lamond, B.Bus. (Acc), CPA
Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer, Energy 360 Pty Ltd
P: +61 3 9770 8545
M: +61 (0) 428 397 837

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