Biogas Opportunities for Australia

Biogas Opportunities for Australia

A very interesting report,  Biogas Opportunities for Australia, commissioned by Bioenergy Australia and written by ENEA Consulting, was released last week, identifying the opportunity for the development of a biogas industry in Australia, as well as analysing the barriers and challenges currently facing the industry.  

The report finds:

  • significant biogas potential in Australia which is comparable to the current biogas production in Germany
  • biogas potential is equivalent to almost 9 per cent of Australia’s total final energy consumption
  • the investment opportunity for new bioenergy and energy from waste projects is estimated at $A3.5 to 5.0 billion
  • potential to avoid up to 9 million tonnes of CO2e emissions each year

Energy 360, together with its strategic partners, has the technology to produce biogas for energy generation, and we look forward to further contributing to the uptake of these biogas opportunities to expedite Australia’s renewable gas migration.

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