Our Vision

We aim to be a leader in Australia for the design, supply and installation of turn-key biogas systems, which will maximise renewable energy. Reducing a business’ energy needs can make a big difference to the bottom line. For businesses such as red meat processors with a nutrient rich waste water stream, a biogas system can turn the waste stream into profit.


Building on 10 years of experience in biogas systems as ABM Combustion, our company has rebranded as Energy 360 and brings our biogas handling expertise in partnership with leading German biogas company Ökobit, to offer turn-key biogas systems to the Australian market.  Energy 360 will take responsibility and Project Manage the system design and implementation to provide sites which have an organic waste stream, a competitively priced biogas solution.

Energy 360’s turn-key biogas systems aim to maximise the amount of biogas obtainable from the current organic waste stream. We work with our clients to make minimal upstream (plant located) modifications. This reduces the upfront project cost, whilst delivering valuable renewable energy savings.

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